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Yashica camera dating

In addition to the objective, the viewfinder consists of a 45-degree mirror (the reason for the word reflex in the name), a matte focusing screen at the top of the camera, and a pop-up hood surrounding it.

The two objectives are connected, so that the focus shown on the focusing screen will be exactly the same as on the film.

The III was the first professional quality 35 with a built in meter.

Yes, I know about the earlier Contax TLR, but it was just a bad design idea and not worthy of professional consideration.

Contax/Yashica (C/Y) manual-focus lenses with a common bayonet mount were introduced in 1975 simultaneously on the Contax RTS and on the Yashica FX-1.

The Yashica range of lenses included a premium range of lenses for the more serious photographer (termed 'ML' for multi-layered or 'MC' for multi-coating), while consumer SLR cameras were usually equipped with 'DSB' lenses, which had single-coated optics.

In quite a few respects, not only the conclusions but the visual evidence itself, contradicts luminaries such as Mc Keown and Sugiyama (in this third update of this page, I will specifically address Sugiyama a little further down) whose cataloguing has become the accepted wisdom on which Yashica TLR history seems to be based (and some of that history has become very distorted through retelling many times).

Truth is that he finds all photographic history (well in fact, all things photographic)The information on this page developed out of frustration at the lack of consolidated model detail available on the Yashica TLRs, particularly the Yashicaflex series and the first of the Yashicas.

The top of the line was the renowned Zeiss AE series of lenses, intended for the Contax SLR cameras, each of which displayed a T* for Zeiss' proprietary multi-coating.

Some Carl Zeiss lenses were made in Germany and the rest in Japan under Zeiss license.

-- just as reliable as their contemporary Leicas in my opinion.

While the Contax occasionally needs shutter curtain straps replaced, the Leica occasionally needs shutter curtains replaced.

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