Video dating for the 90 s

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Video dating for the 90 s

Also frequently featured in the network's early years were "videos" for Motown and other 60s oldies consisting of newsreel and concert footage.It was introduced on January 1, 1985 with the video performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Marvin Gaye.He enters a beatnik club where a woman (Lara Harris) recites a poem in French.

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The cameo appearances of members of pearl jam and xavier mcdaniel were a great touch.

The viewer is left with what I could call a warm feeling much like watching the sun set on a day towards the end of summer.

Romantic comedy about six of Seattle's young people, most of whom live in the same apartment building and whose lives revolve around the city's ever-expanding music scene.

The inter-related stories about each character's progress through the singles scene are intriguing and often very funny, and the soundtrack is a grunge fanatic's dream, with the likes of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Mudhoney. His voiceover says that Steve's search for the perfect girl is a trap, and that he lives his own life like a French movie where everyone is cool and no attachments are made.

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Who was Jon Hamm before he became one of the most iconic TV characters ever Don Draper? I’m not a gay guy, but all the girls seem to love Don Draper/Jon Hamm so it seems kind of crazy that he gets passed up twice on this show – first for some ‘kinky’ loser stuntman character and then for a finance major who looks like he should be in One Direction or something.

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