Silverlight xap not updating

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Silverlight xap not updating

We’ve enabled Out of Browser support for the Silverlight Control Browser application for the Silverlight Toolkit.That was reason enough for me to blog a little bit about that, and offer an overall guide to how to hook up to the proper events and respond to install state changes.However, in this blog article I want to show how the same Silverlight integration concepts apply to Office 365 - Share Point Online.Microsoft launched Office 365 June 28th 2011 as a Saa S BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) which offers some great features including: Share Point, Exchange Online, Lync Server and Office Web Apps.One thing I’ve been wondering if whether an ‘Out Of Browser Helper’ control would be a useful, and quick, control for us to turn around inside the Silverlight Toolkit: something that has a very small scope, specific purpose, and will save developers time.I’m imaging that this would wrap up the update logic, potentially offer the Install button, and other core services.

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Contact: [email protected] of the core features of Office 365 is "Share Point Online" essentially it is Share Point 2010 Server in the "cloud" (it does not include a lot of the Share Point 2010 Enterprise features).

In my Silverlight 4 Business Intelligence book I dedicate a chapter to integrating Silverlight into Share Point 2010 and I have blogged about it on this site as well.

So in such case, just use the IE and that could help you.

If you are facing the same issue in Internet Explorer and my friend @debug_mode is still searching the way to debug it , you should first check whether the Silverlight debugging is enabled for your Silverlight project.

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If you are using any browser other than Internet Explorer, you may notice this issue.