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I would just like to point out that, in this thread (

s=&threadid=197496&perpage=50&highlight=Kyan and bitches&pagenumber=2) back in July, Otto did call dibs on Kyan. Sure he's hot and all, but he strikes me as just a tad, well, shallow and probably boring to talk to--one can only fuck for so long, you know.

Robert is often confused in the historical records with another Robert, son of Walter.

Robert's first appearance in the historical record is at Ramsey Abbey sometime between 11, where he appears as a witness to a charter.

A further appearance is in a document of his brother Walter dating between 11.

Three charters which date from March 1140 to January 1141 and are supposed to be witnessed by Robert all have difficulties with either the dating or whether the signature attributed to Robert is actually Robert, so exact dating of his term of office isn't possible from charter evidence.

They ended the engagement a month later in July 2006.

He seemed very confident mostly because of all the support from the show’s producers.

I forgive my sweet sweet Kyan this momentary indiscretion on the grounds that presented with the opportunity to nail Robert Gant I would in a heart beat. Great bod, but of the openly gay members of that cast I think that Peter Paige ( is the hottest.

(It's odd seeing them on talk shows and realizing how much of their performance really is acting; Randy Harrison is IRL much nellier than his character [Justin] while Paige is much "butcher" than Emmett [though that's not hard].) Third Season's on DVD now, btw.

The international firm's Los Angeles office was closed soon after.

Rather than continuing his career in law, he decided to focus on acting thereafter.

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