Rapper trina dating nba player 7 secrets of a healthy dating relationship

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Rapper trina dating nba player

Yes, we saw that Trina dated Rapper who was named as Lil Wayne ON and OFF basis.

It was from early 2005 for 2 years to 2007; that this couple dated with each other!

And it's covering up the tatt that was there before-- his now ex-girlfriend Trina's lips. He must have gotten this within the last month as this new tatt wasn't there in his latest on camera interview less than a month ago.

Even though Trina was at the wedding as well, it didn't seem like the awkward "ex meeting" we all dread stopped the two from being happy for their friends Lala and Carmelo.

They have also each other’s name tattooed on their bodies; it was Trina who has “Wayne” on her wrist, and it was Lil Wayne who has “Trina” on his ring finger. Trina also dated with Kenyon Martin who is a basketball player; it was from the time of 2007 for 3 year relationship to till 2010!

We too came to know that he had her lips tattooed right on his neck.

She subsequently shifted to dancing in music videos, and soon caught the eye of rap artist, Tyga. They announced their engagement a few months later.

It’s as if he forced her to file for divorce, but she always hoped that just by filing he would get scared and act right The Houston Rockets center was most recently linked to aspiring rapper Farrah Flossit earlier this year after she posted a photo of the two in bed on her Instagram page.

Flossit is a social media regular, updating her Instagram with photos of her, including a handful of provocative poses that include guns.

WTH happened to trina's edges, that lace front is not her friend cause now has a 5 head! Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends Wow I am seriously behind, I didn't know they broke up and what is her situation? SMH He shoulda kept the lips..crown looks nasty as hell.maybe he should remove all them nasty ass tatts they get... nah uh..something colorful isn't it a happy occassion?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- break up had to do with him finding out the truth. You know that she would not have the nerve to dump him. While she gained a few friends within the NBA, I hope she does not pass herself around to the next available baller. We don't hear about her cheatin or bein some kinda coke fiend but she just can't keep a damn man! Maybe when them pixs leaked from her phone about her lil situation, Kenyon got ghost... Kenyon Martin is sexy but the tatoo situation also makes him look kind of dirty and grimy. Like he was going to make Trina his wife or something, humpf...

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