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You said to be a good little girl or I'll make you sad, So I shut my mouth and let them do the things that were bad.I was only 7 years old and already my innocents was lost, You needed the money but at what cost? Click HERE to listen to "Tie a Knot" Your days drag into night All filled with doubt You’re in way too deep Can’t find your way out This doesn’t seem what life should mean Where did it all go wrong Something inside of you makes you hang on You just don’t know for how long I know where you’re at my friend I’ve walked in your shoes Please believe in what I have to say Life is the only choice you need To get you through this day So when your days are filled with darkness And your nights caught up in fear Please hang on with all you’ve got To this life we hold so dear Look to the simpler things And clear your mind Solve your troubles one by one And peace you’ll find When you feel you’ve come to the end of your rope Tie a knot and hang on Better days will surface soon Just tie a knot and hang on Respect is an essential word.Self-respect creates a set of personal guidelines that help you to make solid decisions, conduct yourself honorably, and present yourself with poise and confidence. It enables you to keep an open mind to alternate ideas and opinions.He has continued to be verbally, emotionally and once even physically abusive to me in front of our son. I wait: Watching you, all the while knowing that you’ll scream at me then push, hit, poke, punch, slap me before the night is over.We go to court at the end of the month and I’m praying the court will see the kind of man he is and will help me in protecting myself and my son. I wait: For you to see that you have beaten love to a pulp and it doesn’t live in this house anymore, if it ever did. Food, clothing, toiletries, children's toys, suitcases, etc.).

THEY don’t know that he is always behind me, reminding me, reliving it, and never forgetting. Building a healthy respect for yourself makes you feel good about who you are, what you’re capable of doing, and enhances your value as a human being.

Students engage in a discussion about the meaning of the poem, then compose an essay about their interpretation and reactions to it. Objectives: Option 1: Show the video, "Twisted Love: Dating Violence Exposed" or Option 2: Assign the research homework assignment during the previous class period.

The PBS In the Mix video "Twisted Love: Dating Violence Exposed" or Internet research serves as a prelude to the reading of a poem about dating violence.

At that moment, I couldn’t leave for myself, but I could leave for my baby and I was gone the next week. GET READY (L)ove (I)integrity (F)orgiveness (E)mpowerment If you’re not “READY for LIFE”, When will “YOU” think it’s time to “GET READY”? Wing Your only FEAR should be the CHOICES you make.

It’s been a difficult journey because I still see this man and speak to him because of the child we share. Get Ready on Poetry Blog Posted in my husband is abusing me, poetry, poetry about abuser, poetry about domestic abuse needed, poetry on domestic violence, tagged Ghostwing poetry, poetry escaping domestic violence on February 6, 2010| Leave a Comment » the following was sent to me by the author, it is very vivid. Love & Peace, Rebecca I WAIT I wait: For you to get home, hoping that you’ll be in a good mood, knowing that in the end, it won’t make a difference.

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I sat on the couch waiting with you, But what was in store for me I had no clue. I didn't want to go but you made me, You let them rape me for money!!