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Those sex hashtag are actually Korean slang about "early erection", ofc only understood by Korean. it would be highly surprising if someone of his age didn't have dating experience.I don't understand why ppl think Korea are "innocent" country or such, they're super erotic. people are hunting him down and just being plain rude, comparing him to the other guy that had to leave P101 for sexual harassment. the photo is also supposedly from one year ago but who cares. stop acting all tough when your belief =/= Korea's.The problem is not him dating someone, it's that they're doing lovestagram and even went to Japan together and slept together and even wrote stuff about it, that's the issue. He's dating people like that around and she's an attention seeker...Even commoners will never bring up stuff like these upㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What kind of person will brag on instagram for sleeping with her boyfriend. Anyways it's better that this thing blew up now so that people will stop all the Paca thing, imagine how he could've debuted in the group and the issue blew up later, how much pain the other kids must feel Of course, since this was before the broadcast, he could've had girlfriends before... You were seriously the romanticist that we all thought you were afterall... That's right, you're an adult, of course you can date.... Imagine how the other kids want it so bad, but he's busy being obvious about it, it's such a disappointment... how his relationship might affect other members to do the same 2.People starting to hate me Things I collect: Letters.Since I can feel the love of people, I pile them up together.

Please just write a post about Seokjin being the best dancer instead" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 49 -0 2. You guys said they were dating because he passed the water bottle to her and they were looking at each other during the standby ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ now it's Sana-nim ㅋㅋㅋ 167 -6 ㄴ ah that Melon Music Award thing?

"Someone who uses chopsticks with his left hand" "Someone who is mannerly" "Someone I can learn a lot from" Monsta X I.

BTS Jin's ideal type: puppy style girl with a puppy-like personality Someone kind who would treat him well Someone who cooks well Ah seriously Sana is so cute, the shiba dog too Why does Jin enjoys watching Sana so much Same posture Even during the standby he was starring at her Secret relationship...?

but after a couple of days, all of the articles disappeared and Dispatch went quiet about it. The company probably came to a compromise with money but also under the condition that they would offer another member's scandal to bury the gay couple's scandal... Either way, the rumors never specify whether they're a male or female couple. [ 16, -1] If they're ever forcibly outed, whoever that outs them will be trash.

The industry already goes crazy over hetero couples, I can't imagine what a homosexual couple would have to deal with once outed...

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Some time ago I read "Namiya zakkaten no kiseki", nowadays, I'm reading "Save me" Something I never forget to bring with me: My watch.

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