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Outlook global address not updating

All contacts are shown correctly when accessing webmail but not from within Outlook.

ISSUE: Users who are using Zimbra Outlook Connector are receiving a GAL Reset recommended promote that states "It is recommended that you reset your Global Address List. " CAUSE: During the start-up of Outlook, the connector will validate the difference between Global Address List on the Zimbra Collaboration server and the Zimbra Outlook Connector client.

Right click on Default Offline Address List and click on Rebuild.

If you want your Contacts list to be sorted by the last names of your contacts, you must change the display format to last name, first name format.

You can change the name format for the contacts in the main Microsoft Outlook Contact folder or any contact folders that you create.By default no Global Admin user has permission to the Address List, so next step we will show you how to create a new admin role and assign your admin user access. (https://portal.office365.com) Then navigate to Admin Console , from the admin console we will scroll down to Exchange Admin.On the Exchange Admin Console we will Click on "Admin Roles" On "Admin Roles" page we will create a new Role Called "Address List Management" by clicking on the " " tab.There is a 24 hour lag for the server to be updated and pushes go through at night.When a customer reports a new employee, or changes made to an existing employee’s information hasn’t appeared in the Global Address List (GAL) in Outlook, in almost all cases this is because that person’s local (cached) copy of the GAL has not yet been pushed the new/updated information.

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If there is significant differences, the server will send a full Sync Recommended request to the client that will cause the recommendation to appear.