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We hope you’ve enjoyed this collaborative experiment in community journalism as much as we have.

The Local’s robust archives will remain right here at – because we know how important preservation is to East Villagers. A while back, The Local was featured on one of Jim Power’s iconic lampposts.

Looking stunning in a plunging light pink gown with her dark hair pulled into a bun, the 27-year-old star chatted away to Joe, who later took a seat next to Glee star Chord Overstreet to watch the night's performances.

Over the course of two a half years, the word “change” has come up in many of The Local’s 4,200-plus posts about the East Village. Bedford Bowery will continue to cover breaking news, big issues, and cultural events in the East Village and Lower East Side while also exploring three kindred neighborhoods directly across the river: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick. As The Local publishes its final post today, please bookmark nymag.com/bedfordandbowery and follow @bedbow on Twitter.

”On the one occasion that I attended a couples’ function with friends from our past, I was totally uncomfortable.” Indeed, many people who lose a spouse often feel like when it comes to socializing, it's a couples' world.

About a year after Mort’s death, Mary felt ready to start taking baby steps to move on and meet new people.

Since Rebecca and I had talked earlier about doing a collaborative project in the U. We quickly became intrigued by this city that’s long been home to Kodak, which declared Chapter 11 in early 2012.

We ended up returning four more times over the next year to complete “Memory City.” Q: How would you describe the city?

As far as music is concerned, Cab Calloway, Mitch Miller and Chuck Mangione were all born in Rochester, and the Eastman School of Music continues to thrive.

Moody’s Investors Service recently slashed its operating-profit growth forecast for the restaurant sector.

(This appears to complement another trend noted by market researcher NPD Group that suggests 57% of meals In the U. are eaten alone.) There’s good reason why people don’t want to sit through a meal with a stranger for an hour or, often times, longer.

AW: Rochester, like some other Rust Belt cities, is in many respects two cities: a downtown that is predominantly black or eerily empty, surrounded by a white suburban ring.

There are some multiracial neighborhoods — such as the 14621 neighborhood — but there are significant racial divisions to the city, dating back to white flight that took place after the riots of 1964.

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