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Nhibernate hasmany not updating

I am having a gap in understanding and I would appreciate any help. When I create a Has Many relationship using a list, nhibernate creates an "index" column on my child table. all-delete-orphan - when an object is save/update/delete, check the associations and save/update/delete all the objects found.In additional to that, when an object is removed from the association and not associated with another object (orphaned), also delete it.

Read Collection Element(Object optional Owner, Object optional Key, ICollection Persister persister, ICollection Aliases descriptor, IData Reader rs, ISession Implementor session) in D:\source\elysium\Elysium. Web\FNH\src\NHibernate\Loader\Loader.cs:385 NHibernate. After struggling with this through the night and no hope in sight for an answer even here in Stack Overflow :-) I've come up with the solution...I started to think that maybe it was a change in the Child objects that was being considered as a change in the Parent's collection and then resulted in a change to the Entity version.I'm trying to delete a Person and I want to cascade deletes to Phone Numbers. However, attempting to delete the parent object still throws an exception--it appears that NHibernate is trying to update the child table to set the parent ID to null instead of just deleting the record: It works; Here is what each cascade option means: none - do not do any cascades, let the users handles them by themselves.save-update - when the object is saved/updated, check the associations and save/update any object that require it (including save/update the associations in many-to-many scenario).

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In Hibernate, only the “relationship owner” should maintain the relationship, and the “inverse” keyword is created to defines which side is the owner to maintain the relationship. ) Hibernate: update mkyongdb.stock_daily_record set STOCK_ID=?