Most intimidating football stadium

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Most intimidating football stadium

Night games are known to get so ear-splitting, many fans have begun to call it “Deaf Valley.” Nicknamed “The Horseshoe” because of its unique shape, The Shoe is one of college football’s largest stadiums.“The Buckeye Bounce” is a crowd favorite and the marching band dotting the “i” has become a tradition at The Ohio State University.

This, combined with Boca's frenzied support, make it a venue to fear for the club's rivals and has lead to Boca's fans being nicknamed La Doce, "the 12th man". If there's a more intimidating place for away fans who watch football live or opposition players to have to play it, then we've yet to come across it. It's like a gentle Sunday morning stroll down to the newsagents in comparison with trips to our 10 intimidating stadiums from around the world...Estadio Azteca The first stadium that comes to mind straight away is Azteca in Mexico City. It’s like this mythical place that you hear about as a young player, and you’re like, “What could be so crazy about it? There’s an overwhelming feeling like, Okay, it’s the guys on this bus versus an entire country.No big deal.”Then you have your first trip to Mexico City, and the intense vibe starts before you even leave the hotel. When you get to the locker room, the staff wheels in oxygen tanks and it reminds you that you’re about to play 90 minutes at 7,000 feet above sea level.

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At field level, the way the transparent roof extends over the stands creates a really dramatic atmosphere.

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