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“And when we realized there was going to have to be a lot of blood, we started planning meticulously so that we could cover it [on camera] and then decide in the edit room how much was enough.”Because the series tapes its dining-room scenes inside Highclere Castle—the 19th-century country home that doesn’t exactly welcome projectile bloodshed on its antique linens—the production department staged rigorous rehearsals at a production stage where a table with the exact dimensions of Highclere’s was brought in.“Then Hugh [Bonneville] came in dressed in white and it was a surreal moment as the costume team, makeup design, the camera team were all there just looking to see how far the blood would go, and Hugh was taking it in and spitting [up] the prop blood.

We got a pretty good idea through several attempts at this, as to (a) the color of the blood we wanted it to be to look realistic, because our adviser had said the first blood can be quite bright and then it gets darker.

It turned out that her staff and Espinosa were staying in the same building.[] It went all over [Elizabeth Mc Govern’s character,] Cora, and came within an inch or so of the edge of the protective covering we had put on the carpet at Highclere. We thought, ‘Wow.’”One antique which did not manage to escape Lord Grantham’s ulcer, however: Cora’s dress.“It was very, very tough for costume department, because Elizabeth’s dress was vintage lamé, and they had no duplicates because we didn’t expect it to hit her.They had to clean it up between takes and, as they cleaned it, it started to disintegrate.has subjected viewers to plenty of trauma, including one tour of duty, one deadly sex scandal, multiple childbirths, one rape, and one fatal car accident.As horrific as these events may have been, though, producers have kindly (and, in a stroke of cost-effectiveness) shielded audience members from blood and gore—instead treating the most violent incidents with the finest white tea gloves by letting them unfurl offscreen.

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