Liquidating distressed inventory who is jemima kirke dating

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Liquidating distressed inventory

Consider this: Out with the Old: Applying Technology to Liquidation Over the past few years, a shift took place in how organizations manage their returned and overstock inventory: Many are bypassing layers of middlemen and incorporating technology-based liquidation programs into their overall business strategy.This may include implementing a software-as-a-solution (Saa S) online marketplace platform that can be customized, integrated and scaled based on your unique needs, or leveraging an established business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, making your merchandise available to thousands of buyers who compete for it via online auctions.Further, the professionalism and sophistication of some liquidating firms have evolved so dramatically in recent years, many retailers have found that liquidators can be valuable partners with resources necessary to achieve certain goals.Many of you are familiar with the "traditional" approach to inventory liquidation through a bankruptcy.This results in a higher tax liability, which is the opposite of the desired effect.

I'm currently assessing my options as well, planning my first flash sale as part of my go-to-market plan. I primarily buy new overstock, shelf pulls, and returned merchandise including clothing, electronics, toys, home and garden, tools, basically everything across the board from national retailers by the truck load to resell in various ways including wholesale and retail (both offline and now online) I have owned 3 clothing store fronts and I realized early on that all retail store's must liquidate for a variety of reasons including yours.

The answer is really quite simple (and likely involves something you are already doing in your forward supply chain): By applying technology and data-driven analytics to your liquidation program, you can increase return, in some cases, by triple digits.

Let’s first take a look at why conventional methods for dealing with customer returns and excess inventory are—like the inventory itself—obsolete.

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If you're even considering writing it off, you might as well take a deep discount on it and promote the sale to drive traffic to your site, and acquire new customers.

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Or you could look to a 3rd party site and use a flash sale to burn thru your distressed stock.

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