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Kristen bell and teddy dunn dating

You need to find the gateway episode, one you can watch without any background knowledge and which will give you a real sense of the show—and whether you’ll like it.In this weekly Brow Beat series, we direct you to the best gateway episodes for great series you should watch this summer.Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Daran Norris, Francis Capra, Kyle Gallner and Christopher B.

Instead, he will take over for Teddy Dunn as Veronica’s first love, Duncan.Hansen also has a recurring role as bad boy contestant Blaze on the web series Burning Love.Hansen was born in Fountain Valley, California and raised in El Cajon, California.But that's all good."Looking back, there was a decent chance that none of this would have happened, particularly Dohring's casting as Logan, initially the type of character that television viewers love to hate, until they — like Kristen Bell's Veronica — actually started falling for the darkly rebellious Hollywood heir.Back in 2003, Dohring actually auditioned for the role of Duncan Kane, Veronica's sweetly guileless all-American ex-boyfriend.

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"And the fact I got to play him for three years — and now plus the movie — is amazing." Since Mars ended in 2007, Dohring played a 400-year-old vampire on CBS' short-lived drama Moonlight and guest-starred on a smattering of procedurals.