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Jus tfor hook ups

No reproduction, copy or transminlon of this publication may be made without written permission. New Yorl' fiercest critic and an ally of Chinese-Malaysian bus!No portion of this publication may bereproduced, copied or transmitted save with Wf;l Ien rmi sion or in i Kcordance with the provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patt'nts Act 1988, or undef Ihe terms of any licence permitting limitedcopying issued by the Cop)'l'igh L UClffislng Agerocy, Saffron HOUSE! Any person who does any unauthorired aa in felation to Ihis publication may be liable La criminal pr ution and civil claims for damages. ­ 1H~""III('n; ;t lifeless campaigner against Western ('Conomic domination who , Is.siduously courled Amcrican and Europe"'1capitalists; a blunt. Mtion – Lowell Nelson, Roger Andrews Aye vy voice Motion on the minutes. What ar great opportunity, please purchase a couple of seats. You will be subject to revmoeal for cause from elected office. I think that there are certain expecations for all of us. If they leave schools with 20 hours of credit, I want to hold the higher education. Representative Dave Lifferth has agreed to opening a bill file to do this. We need to hold our elected representatives to not let these fundamental rights be lost. We can’t get the slides to the projector 11/7/2015 AM Call To Order Craig Frank Prayer – kevin bryly, pledge – rog craig 11/7/2015 AM Prayer 11/7/2015 AM Pledge 11/7/2015 AM Business Craig Frank “We appreciate you comein gon this Saturday. Vote – unanimous” 11/7/2015 AM Business Craig Frank “Like to invite Rep Chaffetz at this time. Feb 2 I came in tot eh office and found there was a gap in the Lois Lerne emails. It was March 4, 30 days later that the docuemnts were desstoryed. Many of the delegates did not receive this.” 8/15/2015 AM Information Enid Mickelsen “There were not different pacakges sent to different people. The conclusion that it was noticied when it was acted on june 27. 8/15/2015 AM Point of Information Is there a timeframe when we are supposed to see that information? We are on the adoption of the agenda.” 8/15/2015 AM Amend Nancy Lord Remove proposal one from agenda whether or not it received notice. I am confident you will see that my acndaticy is the difrence between manageing and leading. Those who gave their lives so you and I could be thhere today. They belive that word of Elijah – they that be with us are more than they that be with them. This legisaltion is more imporatnan now than ever before. It will protect the countires from being taken over by China with the TPP. I also helped author and advance a long term highway bill. I will help raise money across the country to help our candidtes win. —– —– In 2012 we talkeda bout fear and lack of data. — — This anonymous email went to your personal email. You shouldn’t vote for people based on their domain. Now that I am in leadership some people think you are a bad bad person. We will delay for a few minutes @706 start again (we were missing flag) Daryl Acumen, Kirby Glad, Parliamentarian Accept minutes I like our positive party. DA) The National Party has recognized us now and they have said, “We should really use your time” since we have the data strategy. During the course of the year as they happen we bring them to this body. We are going to test right now and vote on your 2 year meeting schedule. Motion carries unanimous by voice KG) Test vote (red, green, blue) Blue wins Second test 171 like 5 don’t know 4 don’t like CV) Party Treasurer is excused today for health issue. KG) Budget is found on back of the first page of your agenda. I want to thank each of you for the time you have given us. We appreciate your serlvice as delegates and part of the party. We are heare to hear from our leected officiatl.s At we head in to this season I hope we focus on what we can do to improves. They have spent ohour sin the pursuit of tha party. As I apply principle in our documents it creates fairness, accessibility and transparency. The ones wholly in our county we will requrest for them to meet with us. We encourgage the other candidates that are running on the Ste convnetion we are putthing their names on the party website. Training and then meet and greet with candidates so that they can be vetted. 1/23/2016 AM Information Please thank them for coming. Discussion and vote on the resolution.” 1/23/2016 AM Motion Adopt resolution to remove control from federal control. The initial resolution wassent to legislators and they added their amendments and support. 1/23/2016 AM Second David Clark 1/23/2016 AM Discussion I just want to say that every student succeeds at during Christmas – a little over a day. Everything that I have heard actually says that the agreement gives more flexibility to the state. This is partly a struggle of parental and political control, not the Fed and State. I will get James Evans to the mike.” 8/15/2015 AM Information James Evans “Let me correct. The agenda does not appear to have a detailed description.” 8/15/2015 AM Point of Information “I traveled long distance and didn’t’ get this. The notice requirements are that we send it to you. 8/15/2015 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen “Here is what we are going to do. I have ruled repeatedly that it is aout of order to attach to another part of the program. Agenda is adopted (with 10 dissenting stands)” 8/15/2015 AM Business Enid Mickelsen “2015 Convention will officially come to order. We have a governor who will have servced 7.5 years and I know that he wasn’t to keep his job for a 3rd teram. You can see how he and I difere in strangs trials and priors. No one can afford Obamacare, when our amensty was under attack and Obam gave the order to stand down o. We can tell washiington that thy e that be with us are more than they bat be with them. Rick is alitel arough aroudn the edeges but here is what I have learned about Rick. He dones’t just give time – he gives his money even. We had 20-25 highway contrsution needs just here in Utah. He was one of the greatest men but even then he had some of us convservatives saying he didn’t get this done. Daryl has a family and was not going to be taking the data yesterday to his clients. I mentioned Michael Jolley to coall and confirm that people were on board with the sterring committee. KG) The things I promised to do was to put in to your hands the tools to track and get information about your own delegates and voters. CV) Moved by EC to approve the approve the list en masse. Approve the appointments of the list Unanimous vocal. We want to continue to encourage you to interact and act in the aparty. That is my report.” 1/23/2016 AM Report Kristin Chevrier “Thank you for being here this morning. N omr Thurston district fo 52.7% Second Brad Daws 60%, Mike Kennedy’s district 3rd. Reagan was a master at breathing otimism into his speaches. Thank you.” 1/23/2016 AM Report Craig Frank “I had no clue how many hours to run thi party and now I know. When you don’t use the documetns that have time and minds behind them we’ve created some great things. This disclosure statemetn is taken word for word out of state party bylaws. Championing the system: Utahs parties have benefited from the convention system. 1/23/2016 AM Business Craig Frank “I would like to them them for spending time to be with us. We apprecaite them carving out the 45 days to cover us. 1/23/2016 AM Discussion “I hope you have had a chance to read the resolutiona dn the amendment to the resolution. He asked Senator Dayton to run the bill that became SB 287. Will the candidateas please make their way back to the podium. I will travel thstate and reach out ot oyou and your neighbors. If you think holding these typses of debets is a godo idea. These are four of the issues we face – if you think we need to debate then text. I believe cecause of our systm we are ar strong stateih. I will work with James e Eavns if I receive your vote today as vice chair of the reuplican party. As much as I have been kicked around I felt tht ist was improtant enough that you know what a vice chari does. He needs to be independetn enough to stand up to me and will be acting on your beahl. He ahs been with me and you fighting for the caucu convention systen. He truly believe in the pricinpels and he puts his own time and effort in. This man will be a great chari ffo this party.” 8/15/2015 PM Candidate Rick Votaw “I want to thank you as the delgates that owns this party. I am commited to make this party a team to keep moving forward. I have sidnged up over 300000 people to vote by mail. We found enough nomny to do it for 5 years by cutting back on federal gonverment. I am sorry if anyone was confused about the candidates. You have had experience with Voter Click so rather than a system for sending email to one secretary for updating email and phone numbers. You need to keep an accurate and up to date contact list for your delegates. Please encourage those in your neighborrod to be a voice for the good. It is online in the online documents added late last night. Ratificaiton of new Officers and Delgates.” 1/23/2016 AM Vote Craig Frank “Motion to ratify the names. Should be LDEO for Preston Davis.” 1/23/2016 AM Report Kristin Chevrier Leg session egins on Monday. We have had a lot of leg districts turn in location. Our childrena dn grand chirldre are laden with a debt t. There should be relatively no question what the direction is heading. Second Point I have been tagged as we are going to put our candidtes through a purity test. This was adopted by Exectuvie committee OR they can add list of exceptions. It gives a real say on who is elected in the system. I am not going to tlak about ti but give back story. It had several triggers that said Utah shall exit but what passed was Utah “”may”” exit. We iwill hear from another sponsor – hwho has given 25,000. If you like the idea then ytext to 53 445 Yes or No. Thank you very much” 8/15/2015 PM Nomination James Evans “(lots of people on stage) I am James Evans and as chair of the party I am proud to nominate Rick Votaw as vice chair. Rick is the kind of guy that works hard andkeeps head down. He awnt syou to be aable to rexpress your opinon.” 8/15/2015 PM Second Stan Lockhart “I want to thank Jeamse. We finally did it withou rasingin taxes or adding a fime to the deficit. I worked on the act against child pornography and we will bunt in powerful deterents to help our children. It was imporatant to know that we are for good principles. Th We signed vie bills tthat I was able to get through to Reagan. If you take the survey who onw the results – the party.

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Now the potential for instant love is just a swipe away with Tinder, the popular online matchmaking app that has accumulated more than 10 million active daily users since its launch in October 2012. Most importantly, users will not know who passed on their profile, so it eliminates the elephant in the room that is the fear of rejection in an unprecedented by-design innovation.

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