Is fantasia still dating antoine

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Is fantasia still dating antoine

Cook has not taken any legal action against Fantasia yet -- but Barrino's lawyer, Gena Graham Morris, tells us it very well COULD happen ...because in NC there are certain "heartbalm torts ...It is his responsibility to mrespect his wife as her to him . to people who are on this site taking up for her she is dead wrong this man was separated this means he was not considering a divorce this black ugly moral knew this but trying to play dumb or either she is goes around come back around you reap what you sole if if a marred man talk negative about his wife to you what make you think you are special telling his wife if you had treated him right he would;nt be with you that's a stupid black bitch lets see how long there relationship last blaming everthing on paula as if he play no role in his marriage falling apart it's two sides to everything karma has a way of coming back and biting you in the ass what you do to someone else is already done to you remember your time is coming and you will feel the same pain this woman felt you mess with eventually you will get burn parading around like you got it going on you should be a shame of yourself he is going play your dumb ass illa be gotten game does not last long talking about the baby is a gift from god what biblle you read told you that people kills me using god name in vain god had nothing to do with you getting pregnant that was you and your nasty ass man at the same time he was fucking nine times out of ten he was making love to his wife i use the term makinglove with wife literally because married man fuck whores and make love to their wives sooner or later he will do the same to you and i hope it hurts like hell you will feel the agony felt you got knocked up on purpose you had an abortion then turn around and have another brat noboby cares about because you don't care enough for yourself have some respect and morals what kind of mammy do you have maybe you are doing what you seen her do which is why you have low self esteem and lack morals take some of that money and buy some brains dummy thats if paula does'nt get it or antwan with his stupid ass it's cheaper to keep his wife why will he what to be with you ask yourself that money if you think he want you for looks lol after this you will be lucky to sing at mcdonalds or burger king i use to have respect for you now you are disgusting to me nasty cow your lips aint good for nothing but giving blow jobs .I cant blame a women for dating a married man if he is seperated from his wife, She needs to mske sure they stay together if she dont want him in other ass. Me and mine dont cheat,(we happy)Fantasia owes no one anything she satisfied her own cooch and aint shitt wrong with that (if he was seperated)means out of each others hair till papers a final. She will have to live w/ the guilt of messing with a married man, but she is human. I know how the wife feels, b/c childs father has cheated on me too. When I confronted the girl she of course lied as well. WHAT IS SO FUNNY ABOUT THIS SITUATION IS THAT EVERY BODY IS PUNISHING THE GIRL AND FORGETS ABOUT THE MAN..

Morris adds, "The heartbalm torts arise out of the notion that women were once property that could be stolen like televisions.

Partner abuse dating violence prevention, rigorous evaluation.

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The case was to determine which date they separated, and will continue in December. There r so many men In this world that will treat them both w/ respect and stop playing these games.

Well this will be an interesting Holiday season for these folks..... Most of all the woman both have children and they really just need to focus on the kids and not this loser.

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