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The allocation of resources is thought to influence nearly all the major structures and functions of an organism, is affected by an array of interacting physiological pathways, varies across the lifetime of the organism, and interacts with many different environmental factors.This underlying complexity makes identifying most of the causative genetic variants very challenging.The fundamental impact of this research will be greater insight into whether infection and vaccination lead to expansion or contraction of subsets already present within the individual’s T cell pool that maintain their phenotype, and/or lead to differentiation or activation of T cells into states uniquely associated with those conditions.By studying mammalian olfactory neurons and odorant receptors, Richard Axel is pioneering studies on the molecular biology of sensory perception.Research Summary: Autophagy lysosomal pathway in ocular physiology and pathophysiology.Research Description: The long-term goal of our research program is elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying the normal physiology and the pathophysiology of the outflow pathway.

Failure of this tissue with aging is associated with increase risk in developing Primary Open Angle Glaucoma, a blinding disease, affecting more than 70 million people worldwide.Thomas Jessell studies the molecular mechanisms for development of the vertebrate nervous system.Through studies of Aplysia and mutant mice, Eric Kandel is elucidating the genes and molecular circuits that control learning and memory.To understand such processes, we focus on the elucidation of biomolecular structures and the process of protein folding.The Bijvoet Center consists of research groups distributed over the Departments of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Biology of the Faculty of Science, and the Utrecht University Medical Centre.

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