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History online dating

For example, an online dating service that caters specifically to vegetarians and requires a declaration of vegetarian strictness when setting up a personal ad on the site.In America alone thousands of Internet dating services exist and all of them have the same purpose, to give everyone in the world the freedom and flexibility to date who they want and when they want.The possibilities for how it would impact our intimate lives and change the landscape of dating was soon to be seen. In these early days before digital cameras were the rage and you could share photos online, "chat" was just that.

Still, many matches resulted from these services and many members of 18th-century society found love this way, even if it was something rarely talked about during its time.

Salt-N-Pepa encouraged us to talk about it and George Michael simply wanted it.

In the early 90's AOL introduced chat rooms where people could manage to do both.

Not only does the Web allow us to find people in our area, but it allows us to see, hear learn a great deal about them.

With images, audio and databases of personal data, the Web is not just a new way to meet others, but an incredibly efficient one.

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Operation Match (part of Compatibility Research Inc.) launches.