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Heath ledger and mary kate olsen dating

If she imagines herself being questioned more broadly about Ledger's use of other drugs, and on how he procured , immunity would be useful in providing answers involving Olsen using recreational narcotics (however innocuous) along with Ledger, or in providing answers involving Olsen putting Ledger in touch with someone who might have later, unbeknownst to Olsen, supplied him with Oxy Contin or other drugs.

It's hard to imagine many of Olsen or Ledger's fans getting very upset if the actress wants immunity so she can avoid being questioned about the drugs that kill Heath Ledger.

As he grew up, Heath was engaged in go-karting thanks to his father’s major involvement in racing and motor sports.

He was also very active in sports like hockey, Australian-rules football and cricket.

Did Mary-Kate know that Heath was also in romantic trysts with the Australian Beauty? Ever since the untimely death of Heath, Mary Kate's part in the tragedy has been shrouded in secrecy. Being that Heath was in an apartment owned by MK gives the woman some advantages in committing the perfect crime. Forbes magazine estimates the Olsen Twins to have a net worth of 0 Billion.

But the breadth of her public denial, and the likely damage to her reputation if it was later found to be false, do make it seem unlikely Olsen has a connection to the drugs that killed Ledger, and make it at least less likely that her bodyguards tampered with the crime scene.

: Heath Ledger was ridiculously good looking, and from all accounts he seemed like a really awesome down to earth guy. I propose that the bodyguards that MK sent over to her apartment cleaned up anything out of sorts before the paramedics arrived. And if film and literature have taught us anything is that there is always an evil twin: Just look at them, they both look evil to me.

Even if MK paid one of her staff, the masseuse, her bodyguards to cover up her crime at a Billion dollars each, is it really that much to her? I propose that someone in MK's staff gave Heath the drugs, I propose that the Masseuse was in charge of calling MK about it when they knew for sure he was dead.

As an interesting side note: the Olsen Twins were born on June 13th 1986.. Mary-Kate killed Heath Ledger because she was a scorned lover.

He had a new girlfriend, and she couldn't handle it.

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