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According to the website, Simon Mc Dowell, the ex-partner with whom she had broken up the previous day, took a call from Miss Carr in which she told him: “I don’t want you to see me, I just wanted to say goodbye”.

Mr Mc Dowell switched the call to the video chat app Face Time, as he was having difficulties hearing what she was saying, and saw a noose around her neck. Miss Carr, who lived in Maidestone Road, Platt, was said to have had a history of mental illness and had attempted to end her life in 2001.

"I was trying to get her to settle down because she was bouncing all around the house," Jayde's mom Kerry Robinson told

"So I was like, 'Here, Jayde, just brush mommy’s hair.' I love Snapchat and my daughter loves to talk on Snapchat, so I just started recording, and this is what happened." Can you even deal with all this cuteness?

Andrew Gaffney was jailed for life for the murder of Maria Calaco, 50, who the court heard sustained injuries comparable to those of a car crash victim.

A victim statement from Miss Carr was read out during the inquest, in which she described suffering nightmares about the attack and said the murder had caused enormous pain for the family.

A mere two hours later, I tend to log call two, using my mom for someone to talk to on my walk home from an exercise class.

“It’s me,” I’ll trumpet into my mom’s ear, totally disregarding the fact that I’m bothering her at work.

A rational person might assume my mom lives in California and we talk incessantly by phone because we miss each other terribly and don’t have the luxury of hanging out in real life.

Who knew a 1-year-old could be so eloquent in her "he tripping, right" "he crazy," "and then what happened" girl talk! I started off trying to baby talk her and her dad wanted me to talk to her like she's an adult.

This video has since gone viral and has been viewed by millions on the internet because it's literally the most adorable thing ever. She's really verbal, so she retains everything we say and repeats it back to us.

Then, I’ll regale her with mundane tales absolutely no one else in the world but she would care about: the latest developments in potty training; who I’m currently hating on Facebook.

Call three might come down around lunchtime, when she has five minutes to kill and wants to provide a blotter of her recent Target purchases.

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You have to be super careful about what you say around her because she remembers When Robinson told Jayde her video went viral, her response was, "I'm famous!

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