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Fractionation techniques for dating

Now if you are looking for more conventional seduction techniques then read this article instead. Do this for as long as you want – be it several seconds or minutes.

Just make sure you go into a deeper level of relaxation each time you go back in.

And by the sixth visit usually, I could put them under my spell at the snap of a finger.“ “Does that happen to most people who come to see you? “Dating” is tiresome and can be extremely excruciating. Unlike traditional dating which takes days or weeks Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

This will result in emotional addiction on her part once you get her to associate pleasure with your presence and pain with your absence, as well as an emotional connection that is very important if you want her to get to like you.

In a nutshell, fractionation refers to a technique that uses hypnotic conversational techniques to influence girls to like a guy.

If used the right way, you can actually influence a girl to like you and make yourself seem irresistible in her eyes.

et me tell you a story about this chance discovery made by my friend Dr J. Fairweather, a professional hypnotist who also happened to be a member of the MKDELTA group.

(If you’re new to what I do, and to Fractionation and Mind Control seduction in particular, MKDELTA used to be a secretive underground group of Mind Control scientists and practitioners).

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