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Fart sex chat room

A Fanny fart or queef is the rapid expulsion of air that that's been trapped inside the vagina. What a Fanny Fart is: A queef happens when air gets trapped inside the vagina. during a yoga pose) or when your partner thrusts during sex, air is pumped into the vagina.

[Read more: What the colour of your urine says about your health] But what would this analysis tell us? “They do this through a process of fermentation that releases short chain fatty acids, heat and gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and sometimes foul-smelling sulphur-containing gases such as hydrogen sulphide.A study by the University of Exeter revealed that smelling your farts could cure a number of fatal illnesses.Needless to say, it wasn’t quite as simple as that – it’s actually how the hydrogen sulfide in your intestinal gases protects mitochondria in your cells known, rather proudly, as the ‘powerhouse’ of cells.Embarrassing to say the least, vaginal wind is the butt of many a joke - but trust us, it's no laughing matter!Fanny farts have earned themselves a whole new language with terms ranging from queef or queefing, Brazilian breeze, Victory Honk, V puff, Pussy Farts and Quif.

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