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He spent almost 12 years writing the book, deleting five previous novels from his laptop in despair. The first is that of his father, Archie Flanagan, one of "Dunlop's Thousand" - the men commanded by Sir Ernest Edward "Weary" Dunlop, an Australian surgeon and war hero who assumed leadership of his fellow prisoners.Flanagan, 53, combined his father's experiences - which form what the judges described as "excoriating" passages in the novel - with a love story he once heard.Posing as a French journalist – she was fluent in several European languages - she was tasked with charming young trainees and engaging them in conversation over drinks or dinner, gaining their confidence and extracting information from them.

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"He knew he had a few minutes to decide whether to acknowledge her or to walk on," said Flanagan.

The author was walking across Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2002 when he remembered the story and realised it should form the basis of his novel.

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So, if you are looking for a tropical baby name for your little one, you’ve landed at the right place.