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Dating and dining com

If you see the familiar arc cuts of a circular saw, the table was made in the 19th or 20th centuries.

Evenly-spaced angular saw marks suggest that the fabricator used a frame saw, common in the 17th and 18th centuries.

It can be fun, even productive, to break out of our everyday routine and assume other roles. Driving 84, some people play the part of Rusty Wallace.

Faced with a situation that calls for a cool head we can turn ourselves into James Bond or Grace Kelly.

The other night, my friend Alex and I went to dinner.

She was dressed like someone ready to go on a date and have fun, but her face told a totally different story: She wished she was not on a date, and she was not having fun. If a woman (god bless her soul) agrees to go out to dinner with you, please follow these rules. So how about not smacking your lips together like a cow? He would not let one thing come out of his date's mouth that he didn't immediately trample over with aggressive, whiny comments.One of the greatest telltale signs of a chair's age include the markings or tags left by the manufacturer.Modern upholstered chairs may feature a tag listing both manufacturer and serial number or design name, which can be looked up on the manufacturer's website or on collector websites.Before that, the chair was essentially a stool with a back, and only the head of the house or the upper echelon of society sat in them. The chair has evolved greatly since that time, with numerous styles and materials from which to choose.Determining the age of a chair is sometimes as simple as finding maker's marks underneath; other times, a good deal of research is required, especially since some popular chair styles have been reproduced for generations.

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