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If you are not able to download Pro Tools 5.3.1, contact your Authorized Digidesign Dealer for information on how to obtain the Pro Tools 5.3.1 Updater CD.

LOS ANGELES — Steinberg is pleased to announce that, together with PCL, the firm has been selected to design and build a 500 bed student residence at California State University Dominguez Hills.

Updating Your Plug-Ins In order to update your Digidesign Plug-Ins, you will need to download the individual plug-in updaters separately from the Support/Downloads/Windows Pro Tools 5.3.1 Updates section at

At certain points during the installation clicking on the desktop may cause the screen to turn black, preventing the installation from finishing.

This includes a fast, multi-core CPU and SSD drives for sample streaming.

This setting uses the least amount of RAM (resulting in the fastest loading time and smallest memory footprint), but requires fast SSD drives for smooth playback.

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