Cpanel quota not updating Asian chat random c2c

Posted by / 05-Apr-2016 16:51

Cpanel quota not updating

The tutorial assumes that you have already logged into c Panel, and are ready to alter the email account settings.

The first step is to click on the "Email Accounts" icon in the Mail section of c Panel.

So it is often recommended to clear the mailbox of the default mail accounts. Just login to your c Panel account via SSH if your hosting provider provides SSH access.

In this case, we will be changing the email quota, so click the "Change Quota" to reveal the settings.

Once the "Change Quota" option is pressed, the option to change it will slide out from underneath.

In every c Panel account, there is default mail account in the name of the c Panel username.

This mail account is not meant for normal emailing purposes.

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You can choose a particular size of mailbox quota in c Panel, or select Unlimited.