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The rocker's exact cause of death won't be known until toxicology tests are finished, which usually take weeks.However, the new report about track marks on Cornell's arm does appear to line up with what his longtime house engineer and tour manager Ted Keedick told TMZ about Chris' behavior at his last show.fter Hollywood notables such as Will Smith, spouse Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee announced their intention to boycott this year’s Oscars, in protest at lack of nominations for non-white actors, host Chris Rock faced pressure to do likewise.

Cornell's bodyguard found him dead in his hotel bathroom last week, with a band around his neck, after getting a call from Cornell's panicked wife who said he had been slurring his words on the phone to her after his Detroit concert.Cornell reportedly told his wife Vicky that he 'may have taken an extra Ativan of two'.Ativan, an anti-anxiety medication, can sometimes cause suicidal thoughts.As the collection of one-liners below show, the 51-year-old entertainer, who last hosted the Academy awards in 2005, has a history of biting, razor-sharp comedy, and isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues – race, politics, slavery and gun crime all fall under his comedic radar. Back in January, Rock warned fans that he’d thrown out his original material and written a brand new show, in response to the #Oscars Sowhite controversy. I didn't know they had a college that only took one-dollar bills.

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Addressing the audience, Rock - who began by welcoming people to the 'white People's Choice awards' - said: 'The results of the awards have been tabulated by the accountant firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

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