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The historic center of Bukhara, which contains numerous mosques and madrassas, has been listed by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites.Bukhara has been one of the main centres of world civilisation from its early days in 6th century BCE.Humans have inhabited the region around Bukhara for at least five millennia, and the city has existed for half that time. One is "Madinat al Sufriya" meaning - "the copper city" and another is "Madinat Al Tujjar" meaning - "The city of Merchants".The mother tongue of the majority of people of Bukhara is Persian. But, the name Bukhara is more known than all the other names.Located on the Silk Road, the city has long served as a center of trade, scholarship, culture, and religion. In Khorasan, there is no other city with so many names The history of Bukhara stretches back millennia.UNESCO has listed the historic center of Bukhara (which contains numerous mosques and madrassas) as a World Heritage Site. It is now the capital of Bukhara Region (viloyat) of Uzbekistan.

Rav Elyashiyov’s greatest desire was to save Bukharan Jewry.

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Bukharian Jews have a very tight knit community where reputation and public standing mean a lot to families.

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This natural increase, about 40 percent in eleven years, is to be explained by normalization in the composition of the procreative age group and a general improvement in socioeconomic conditions.

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