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Also, mobile phones are commonly used to access the internet, and 44% of Icelanders have a 3G or faster mobile connection.

Under 5% have a mobile connection that is slower than 3G.

Et je vais voter (sniif) pour la première fois de ma vie (yeeep je suis de la génération 80) !!!

Et j'espère de tout cœur que nous, jeunes ivoiriens et ivoiriennes démontront au monde entier notre grande maturité et notre tradition de paix ancestrale qui a toujours habité notre pays, la Côte d'Ivoire.

Both users have the ability to manipulate augmented content and add annotations that ‘lock’ onto real world objects in the technician’s field of view.

Iceland has a tradition of protecting freedom of expression that covers the use of the internet.... • Net compulsions: overwhelming internet usage leads to compulsive the online gaming and even leads to compulsive use of the online auction sites for instance e Bay, which often results, in job-related and financial problems.

The use of the internet is also tied to some health concerns one of them being depression.

Icelanders use the internet frequently and over 91% connect to the internet daily or almost daily.

An enormous majority of the population (about 88%) is connected by broadband, and an increasing number (about 21%) are connected by fiber-optics.

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