Autocad xref layer color not updating how to alter carbon 14 dating

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Autocad xref layer color not updating

I selected all of the objects in the reference file and made sure their colors were "by layer," but it did not completely fix the problem. Once on 0 layer and once on a new layer that I made called layer 1 as a test to see if the layer made any difference.

Or could I have done something wrong when I opened the drawing on the website and then saved it to my symbols folder before I inserted it into my drawing.Any help is appreciated as I need to get this drawing to a client for approval.Thanks Mike I have just moved the blocks to the 0 layer then I read your post and it made me wonder if I exploded the block then remade it on the 0 layer that I might be able to see it in the plot preview but after doing this I still can not see it in plot preview."I had to create an additional view of a piping and instrumentation diagram in one color, except for a few objects which I wanted to show in another color.It was easy to change the color in VP Color, within Layer Manager — but it didn't do all of the work.

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Some Civil3D structures are also refusing to change colors.