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Or some ghastly soap star being put in a nail-studded barrel and rolled across stage. Traditional pantos should carry PG classifications, if they were true to their gruesome Germanic, Grimm roots.Or some useless, C-list reality TV non-entity and Strictly Come Dancing contestant having their eyes gouged out for your entertainment. Germany is the original Panto-land, and Grimms’ Fairy Tales (Kinder und Hausmarchen ) was first published in 1812.

For children, it is often their first introduction to the magical world of theatre.Cinderella herself, non-hero of a dubious tale, evinces more depth than most archetypes.She is capable of developing relationships, meting forgiveness, manipulating her own destiny, even of attracting magical help.Natalja Wodjanowa, russisches Supermodel, Schauspielerin und Philanthrop, feiert am 28. Die Gründerin der Wohltätigkeitsstiftung „Naked Heart Foundation“ und die fünffache Mutter wird in dieser Sputnik-Fotostrecke gezeigt.

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is encoded as a text of patriarchal moral instruction in which a sense of female agency will always by definition be absent.

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