Alex fong dating stephy tang

Posted by / 22-Nov-2016 22:38

Alex fong dating stephy tang

One of the most perfect-looking couple of Chinese entertainment industry, Alex Fong and Stephy Tang have decided to part ways.

Stephy was so touched by Alex's thoughtfulness that she had tears in her eyes. Living together for years, the pair was often asked when they planned to tie the knot.“It is with a heavy heart that this decision was made. In these ten years, we have been on the same road and working hard towards the same goal.But gradually, our pace changed and we began to view things differently.In order to fulfill Stephy Tang’s (鄧麗欣) dream of getting married before she turns 30, Alex Fong (方力申) and she got married secretly in Okinawa.Witnessed by only their closest friends, it was said that even Alex’s parents were not invited.

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The couple’s two cars were found to be parked in the same place, thus sparking tabloid claims that Stephy and Alex are currently living together. Since the marriage rumors surfaced, Stephy and Alex have responded differently.