Adult breastfeeding dating site predating speed dating

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This instructional video will teach you how to make him scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. A very common fantasy that both men and women have is breastfeeding.

Please remember this is an adult orientated site so lots of naughty pics, naughty words and down right naughty thoughts!!

“I had to learn for myself and by myself that loving my wife wasn’t a sign of weakness or so-called femininity, it wasn’t a knock on my manhood, and it wasn’t because I was ashamed of you, or the way I felt about you.

I think I learned all of that a lot faster because I realized how much it bothered you, and I would never intentionally do anything to hurt you.” “It was hard because it was so different.

Like many of our talks, this one took place at our dining room table one evening after dinner, when we were able to have a few stolen moments of alone time. “It was something I wanted to do, but you have to admit, when we first started, we knew nothing about ANR; we didn’t even realize that it was a “thing”.

There were times when I thought I was the only guy who did this. ” “Probably more like bragging.” “You’re disgusting,” I said, and we both laughed. Heck, brother, I do that every night on purpose.” “You should have said it out loud,” I laughed.

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